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helping my wife drive the teryx4

So my wife is short. Like really short to where she can barley reach the gas pedal with the seat adjusted. then when driving shes super uncomfortable and the throttle is always bouncy because shes trying to stay seated etc. What are folks doing to address this for a shorter spouse/friend/kids? I found some old threads about installing racing seat sliding racks but they raise the seat 1/2inch and require drilling/welding tabs etc. Anyone found a simpler solution? Not totally against spending $80 on a racing seat slider and drilling but hoping to avoid that for now.

We tried a pillow and its to hard to keep centered. I though about one of those bleacher seat pads with straps sewn in but curious what more experience owners found works well? She loves riding but its hard for her to drive so I want to encourage her with some comforts.

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