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  1. General Teryx Discussion
    So I got this thing a few years ago. 7,000 miles but all straight easy trail miles. Took her to my buddies shop who installed a 6sigma jet kit and followed the instructions that came with the kit like readjusting air/fuel mixture and clipping carb springs. When I got her back she ran absolutely...
  2. General Teryx Discussion
    I’ve been through almost every post in this forum and I need some more help. I’ve been having starting issues with my 08 Teryx since I bought it used a couple months ago. A lot of people mentioned fuel delivery issues, I installed a new electric fuel pump. Now might sound strange but the only...
  3. General Teryx Discussion
    I'm really needing a service manual for my 2008 Teryx 750. Does anyone have a link they would be able to share/ or a .pdf file? Thanks!
  4. Engine and Drivetrain
    Recently bought an 08 carburated bone stock Teryx. Just put on a homemade windshield today with the help of this forum. Love the machine. Changed out spark plugs, replaced air filter, and changed oil and filter. Took her out for a top speed test today. Arkansas where I am at it was around 50...
1-4 of 5 Results