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  1. General Teryx Discussion
    Hello all, I have a garbage engine, paid a guy 3,000 to rebuild and got it back with the same problem, under powered, knocking and screaming like it’s about to blow up. Is there somewhere around the US of A to just buy used engines and not rebuilt?
  2. New Members
    Hi guys, Just signed up and wanted to ask your opinion on this 2011 Teryx. I am British but I'm currently living in Bolivia (South America) and wanted to get a side by side to play around with in the country. Found this Teryx for sale for $8k (prices for used vechiles are high in Bolivia) and...
  3. Teryx's and Parts
    So I am selling a 2011 Teryx standard red with 1055 miles and 155 hours. I am the only owner . There is absolutely nothing wrong with this machine only selling to make room. The Teryx has not been abused and has spent most of its time riding in the Ocala National Forest. Also the Teryx has been...
  4. Rides and Events
    Hey ... do any of you guys know of any off-road events coming up anytime soon or this year even that might be cool to attend or possibly even take part in? I'm looking for events other than race events, since I already have a huge list of those. :) Thanks
  5. General Teryx Discussion
    I was told, that apparently, Kawasaki will have quite a few new models coming this fall. Maybe we'll see a new Teryx model. Anyone know? Speculation wanted.:popcorn:
  6. General Teryx Discussion
    It's still early yet, however, just wondering if anyone has heard rumors or truths about the 2011 Teryx? Rumors I have heard are, possibility of a four seater, and larger engine. Also, my dealer tells me that the current 2010 Teryx is end dated around June-July. And they will be able to order...
1-6 of 6 Results