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  1. 2009 Teryx Monster Edition

    Teryx's and Parts
    2009 Kawasaki Teryx Monster Edition fuel injected 74 Hours 952 miles FST 840 kit Professionally installed by DASA Heads ported by DASA DASA pipes, Intake, Clutch, Impeller, and Ignition Cover MSD Ignition Larger fuel injectors Upgraded cooling system(extra large radiator and a reservoir for...
  2. Benchmark 840 motor complete fcr's clutch exhaust

    Teryx's and Parts
    I have your set up. I'm pulling my built to kilt, 840 Benchmark motor and jumping into a zx10 motor. This motor was built for HRT's Flying Banana. I ended up with the car just as Todd and Chris finished it. The car cost $54,000 to build, obviously no expense was spared including the motor build...
  3. HELP with MSD & a new 840

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Okay... I've just installed my 840 kit. I've got everything plugged in, and I'm ready to turn the key. Only thing is, how do I update the settings in my MSD from the original 750 maps to the 840 maps I got from Muzzy? I can't start it, because I need to change the curves first. If I just...
  4. Big Bore

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Have you done it yet?????????? I'm looking for some personal experience with Big Bore kits. If anyone has done any engine upgrades, I'd like to hear what kit you installed? did you change the impeller and or fan? and if there was anything you'd do differently if you did...