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  1. General Teryx Discussion
    I've got a 2016 Teryx4 800. I've added a winch and power terminal blocks. This put two connectors on the battery terminal. Now my battery terminal covers don't fit. What are people doing to cover their terminals and is there a way to make it waterproof?
  2. How - To
    This weekend I an going to install a winch. I do not yet have a dual battery set up, so I will need to attach it to the standard battery. It seems extremely hard to access the battery to remove and then re-attach cables. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. General Teryx Discussion
    Hi All - I recently purchased a 2021 Teryx4 LE, and it is now time to hook up a battery tender for the winter. I have two questions: 1. Does anyone have a particular battery tender that you recommend? 2. The manual shows how to disconnect the breather tubes (by opening the front...
  4. General Teryx Discussion
    Looking for ideas on how to replace my stock 09' headlights with LED's. Also, My machine came with a Werker deep cycle battery. It's in need of replacement. The Interstate book calls for a regular lawn & garden battery. Is a deep cycle really necessary? I don't run a stereo, light bars, or my...
  5. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    Do the newer Teryx's have a dedicated plug for a battery maintainer/trickle charger hidden somewhere? If not, I'm assuming one can be bought & installed pretty easily? Also, any recommendations on a good affordable battery maintainer/trickle charger? Thanks.
  6. Teryx4
    I'm lost and have no idea where to start checking. Replaced battery and voltage regulator but nothing. Any suggestions are welcome
  7. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    I am a new rider, and just purchased a 2014 Teryx 2 Seater, and with the options I am adding, Frog Head Sound Bar, Warn 4500 Winch, and 2 42W LED Spot Lights, that I may need a better battery. My question is that I see a lot of threads talking about the 4 Seater, and I am sure there is little...
  8. General Teryx Discussion
    About 2 months ago i purchased a new battery for my Teryx, and i'm already having to charge it because it won't start. This can't be good. The J-Strong roof is all that's using the battery, besides of course the Teryx. I'm almost to the point of trading the J-Strong roof for just a regular plain...
  9. Teryx4
    I am wanting to make a custom box to hold 2 6x9 speakers, and use a jbl 60 x 2 amp to push them, will the stock electrical system work well for this set up?
  10. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    Hi, i'm a newby so i'm sure i'm asking questions that have already been answered but I'm running a few accessories on my 2011 Teryx and I am considering a battery upgrade. I'm currently running 4 27W LED lights, 2 18W LED's, a 400w Pyle audio amp and 4 6.5" speakers, a champion 3000LB winch in...
  11. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    Let me start with I have trolled almost every forum on this topic for the last 3 days and cant find this answer. What is the available watts from the stator. I know that factory said is makes 340watts or so. That is not available. What does the engine use, no lights or whats the total that the...
  12. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    I picked up a yellow top to run my stereo, some led dome lights and a winch standalone. Where are you guys running 2 batteries putting the second?
  13. '09 Sport Battery Box

    Relocated the battery underneath the relays. Moving the battery towards the rear of the 'rex, making for a bit of storage under the drivers seat.
1-13 of 15 Results