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  1. Clutch and Belts
    2013 Teryx 750. When lightly pressing gas pedal engine has to rev for 2 or 3 seconds before taking off. After that bike runs strong. Doesn't fee like clutch is slipping and has plenty of power on climbs. Just wondering what is the cause of the hesitation at initial take off. Thanks for any...
  2. Clutch and Belts
    I have a 2014 t4 clutch with 800 miles on it. Never blew a belt, pre warranty clutch. Any offers.
  3. Teryx4
    I have a 2012 t4 less with less than 1000 miles just blew up my second belt both times it has happened on pavement after going top speed for 7 miles or so anyone else had this issue if so how did you fix it thanks in advance
  4. Teryx4
    Dealership changed the original 0033 belt with the 0039 before it left the shop for the first time. Took the new t4 in for the first maintence schedule and the belt was starting to tear on the ends. 17 hours and 110 miles easy riding Dealership called Kawasaki and they are sending a new clutch...
  5. Teryx4
    I am considering snorkeling my rex. I am for sure doing the intake. My question is just HOW important would it be for me to snork my belt boxes too? I have had my rex in water almost touching the bottom of the airbox a couple of times and my belt has yet to slip. Has anyone gotten there belts wet?
1-5 of 6 Results