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  1. Another PEM/PRP Teryx5 Conversion - MAKE THAT T4 a T5!

    Picked her up today! 1911freak here on the forums designed, built, and sold the brackets and installation hardware, and is a dealer for PRP, so it's a PRP seat and harnesses that I also bought from him. The total package all in one place! Now I've gotta peel those Teryx4 stickers off...
  2. QUANTIFIED FEEDBACK NEEDED RE: BENCH in REAR of T4 (seat 5 instead of 4)

    CLARIFYING POINT - This is focused around getting three kids in the back, and may not be practical I suppose if you're trying to get three adults in the back. I know there is a demand for this in young families, as I've seen it all over various forums. I hung up the phone with a guy from...