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best teryx intake

  1. Jet Kit and Air Filter

    General Teryx Discussion
    I'm getting ready to buy a jet kit and air filter. Which ones to you recommend? It will not be a KN filter, and I want to keep the stock air box. I already have the Gibson slipon.
  2. Best Dune mods

    General Teryx Discussion
    So I wasnt sure where to post this since it would cover several different areas, I was wondering what mods are a must for the Dunes, Im talking clutch mods, suspension, tires, anything that youve done or that you wouldnt do again. I want to build an all around performer but I like duning the best.
  3. Need Help with Intake decision

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I bought an 08' a few weeks ago and have been spending more than I planned on Mods. These forums are awesome info but I keep finding more things I want/need! It sounds like the stock air filter has issues. For engine performance all I have added is a Dynatek cdi, and am waiting for the...