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  1. Teryx's and Parts
    I have a complete set of SXS cage bungs for sale. $250 includes free shipping.
  2. Want To Buy
    I have a 2008 Teryx 2 seater plain model with basic hour meter. I bought it used and it had aftermarket parts that were uncomfortable for me and the exhaust way too loud. Stripped all the aftermarket stuff off and gave away to some fellow riders. So need the full stock exhaust system, all 4...
  3. Teryx's and Parts
    I have the following items below for sale off my 2010 Teryx. Make me a reasonable offer and pay actual shipping costs and there yours! Parts are all like new, taken off at 100 miles. Located in Phoenix. ~ Seat belts ~ Factory seats without bases - Sold ~ stock cage ~ Pair of stock rear tires &...
  4. Sge

    New bumper
  5. General Teryx Discussion
    Screwed up and ordered the same damn parts three times so if they don't let me return them without a killer shipping cost and or are a pain to deal with ill try and sell them here and or Craig's list. Its is the front right bar on roll cage the part with hand grip and a tail light call derrick...
  6. Roll Cages, and Safety Equipment
    Hey guys, I was looking online for a good way to carry more gear with the teryx and stumbled across this website Rakatier UTV Storage Rack System - Home page It looks awesome and appears to have far better utility than anything else I've found. Does anyone have one of these or know anything...
  7. General Teryx Discussion
    Who makes nice cage extensions with a spare tire holder. I have a chopped stock cage. Took 5 inches out. Looks pretty good. Much better than the tall dorky stock cage. Nice cage extensions will make it look nice. A lot better than spending a grand on a new cage Let me know.
  8. Teryx's and Parts
    I am selling my custom 2 seat cage. The cage is built from .095 DOM tubing. The roof is aluminum with Dzus fastners. There is a spare tire holder in the rear. This cage can be used as a bed delete kit. I have all parts to delete bed and I have a full aluminum bed floor to fit with this. The cage...
1-8 of 9 Results