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  1. How - To
    2008- top end was refreshed less than 100 miles ago but sat in the storage for 3 months after. Just replaced a tore diaphragm. Bike misses and sounds horrible at low rpm but runs like a racer at high rpm. Rear cylinder is fouling plugs but front cylinder is fine. Could this be due to a timing...
  2. General Teryx Discussion
    Good day everyone, I have a 2008 Teryx that I took in to the shop because it was having starting issues and running rough. They have completed a carb kit and replaced the jets but they are still having issues stating that it is running very rich and will not stay on in idle. They stated they...
  3. General Teryx Discussion
    I’ve been through almost every post in this forum and I need some more help. I’ve been having starting issues with my 08 Teryx since I bought it used a couple months ago. A lot of people mentioned fuel delivery issues, I installed a new electric fuel pump. Now might sound strange but the only...
  4. Teryx Pictures and Videos
    I just picked up an 08 teryx 750. When you first give it gas it wants to sputter until you get around half throttle, then it will run a lot better but still have a little bit of sputtering in it. I haven’t tore anything apart kinda figured it was dirty carbs
  5. Teryx's and Parts
    I am selling a 07 Rhino 686 motor with all the extra's. This engine only had 15 gallons of fuel ran through it (this is the most accurate way I can tell you how fresh the engine is). This engine has a Weller racing main drive gear pinion support, Corillo rod, head studs, JE piston 10-1 for 91...
1-5 of 5 Results