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  1. General Teryx Discussion
    I’ve been through almost every post in this forum and I need some more help. I’ve been having starting issues with my 08 Teryx since I bought it used a couple months ago. A lot of people mentioned fuel delivery issues, I installed a new electric fuel pump. Now might sound strange but the only...
  2. Teryx Pictures and Videos
    I just picked up an 08 teryx 750. When you first give it gas it wants to sputter until you get around half throttle, then it will run a lot better but still have a little bit of sputtering in it. I haven’t tore anything apart kinda figured it was dirty carbs
  3. Teryx's and Parts
    I am selling a 07 Rhino 686 motor with all the extra's. This engine only had 15 gallons of fuel ran through it (this is the most accurate way I can tell you how fresh the engine is). This engine has a Weller racing main drive gear pinion support, Corillo rod, head studs, JE piston 10-1 for 91...
1-3 of 3 Results