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  1. General Teryx Discussion
    I put a set of WSS4 tracks on my teryx 4. It’s awesome but the 35% speed loss is a disappointment. Anyone know if I can change my clutch or gears to give it more top end speed?
  2. Clutch and Belts
    I don't have my Teryx4 yet, but when I do, bigger mud tires will be the first thing I do. I've done some searching on this forum & online & I'm not finding what I'm looking for. Isn't there a simple clutch kit for bigger, heavier tires? I don't want to mail my sheave out to be machined & I don't...
  3. Clutch and Belts
    I have a 2014 t4 clutch with 800 miles on it. Never blew a belt, pre warranty clutch. Any offers.
  4. How - To
    I'm new to this fourm and I've got some questions. Ok lets start with the make, then history, & finally the problem. 2012 Treyx LE 750 EFI (2 seater) 28" ITP mud lites on factory rims (I've had them from day one) I trail and mud ride with some friends, I do light yard work around the house...
  5. Want To Buy
    Anybody have a stock unmodified primary clutch that is in great condition for sale at a good price?:question:
  6. Clutch and Belts
    I' am currently in the process of installing a Dalton Clutch kit. I got the primary off and the new Dalton parts installed no problem, though when I went to get the secondary off, it will not even begin to slide off the shaft. I have soaked it with Penetrating oil, WD-40, used a rubber mallet...
  7. Engine and Drivetrain
    When I put my 08 in gear it hits hard and will start rolling without hitting gas, and it is hard to put in neutral. The Idle speed is normal, and I messed with the shifter linkage and no matter what its slams into gear and starts moving. I have a Daulton Clutch kit and HunterWorks OD Plate...
1-7 of 7 Results