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  1. 1 30" Stealth Bar discounted

    Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    Hey guys we have one of our 30" Stealth bars and it is very slightly scratched in a few spots, so little the camera couldn't even make it out to really show you, but none the less it has some scratches. So we will be selling it at a discounted price, it is first come first serve! Please Pm me...
  2. Buying a new Teryx tomorrow... Need Help

    General Teryx Discussion
    Hello All:yahoo: We're purchasing a 2010 Teryx Le camo color tomorrow morning. After comparing the available models in the 10k price range, we believe this UTV will fit our families need of a fun/fast mostly sport some work model. I can't seem to find invoice pricing for them though. So I'm not...