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  1. 2014 Teryx 800 Fuel Pump

    Intake and Fuel
    So I need some help. I somehow let a battery leak acid onto the top of my fuel pump which lead all of the plastic on top to get brittle and start cracking. The fuel pump works fine but I do not see how I could just replace the top piece of it without buying a new one. With that being said, I...
  2. Fuel system lesson

    Intake and Fuel
    Being a newbie to the Teryx I've learned a couple of things with the fuel system. When I got the 09 it had been sitting for a couple of years and had stale gas. Someone had gutted the fuel pump assembly and had installed an Airtex E8193 pump. Not wanting to pay $600 for a new assy I replaced the...
  3. Fuel pump fails; gas in crankcase?

    Intake and Fuel
    My 2008 Teryx750 started running like it was "choked"! Smoking and the exhaust has a "rich" fuel smell, It would start (run rough) and die. That's when i noticed raw fuel coming from the tail pipe. The local dealer said the fuel pump had failed and caused the gasoline to get into the oil and...
  4. Fuel pump problem

    How - To
    Ok so was riding last weekend and my vent line for my gas tank melted and got water in my fuel so it wouldn't run. So I got it home and drained the tank but then my fuel pump wouldn't come on so I thought it was the fuel pump relay so I bought a new one and still nothing but if I jump the switch...
  5. No Power to Fuel Pump...ECU Issues?

    Intake and Fuel
    Not sure where to go or who to ask with this problem, but I am hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. I am having problems with my 09 Teryx with an MSD FI controller. Fuel pump won't run and its not the fuel pump. It started out intermittent and now its completely dead. The last...
  6. 2009 Teryx FI Fuel pump replacement

    How - To
    I have a 2009 Teryx FI and the fuel pump is bad but do not want to pay 450+ for a replacement when all i need is the fuel pump. I see muzzy has a fuel tank adapter. Has anyone tried this and what fuel pump did you use and where did you locate it. Pics would be ideal but just part numbers would...