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  1. Fuel line disconnected, spilling everywhere at startup

    Intake and Fuel
    Fuel leaking through rear carburetor drain Hi, new owner of a 2008 Teryx. Bike seems to run OK, noticed strong gasoline smell when running & realized that fuel was gushing out on ground. Found a line that was freely flowing, could be a vent that is no longer where it belongs? Don't have pic...
  2. What needs to be vented and raised before water and mud on a 2018?

    I just purchased a 2018 Teryx4 LE, I have done the fuel vent mod to the roof with a filter. I am doing the rear diff today because im going riding tomorrow. There is alot of mud and water where i ride. What else needs to be vented in order to go about headlight deep in water? I dont plan on...