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  1. Glamis - General
    The group I hang out with have rzr’s, turbo and non turbo. The non turbo feels he needs a turbo for some of the bigger dunes. I saw a Teryx and really like it, but know turbo. Was hoping to get input from Teryx owners out in Glamis. Thanks, Chris
  2. Want To Buy
    Hi Everyone! I'm looking to buy a damaged Teryx (with or without a salvage title) that has cosmetic / suspension damage. The drivetrain must be in good mechanical and working condition! Damaged bodywork / plastics, roll cage, or suspension is fine. I have a budget to stay within (unfortunately)...
  3. Teryx's and Parts
    2008 Teryx with less than 4 hours. BASICALLY BRAND NEW. Race legal cage. PRP heated seats(red cloth and black ostrich skin). Fuel cell. Widened chassis to lower seats. Light bar with baja designs 8' soltek lights (valued at $500 per light). Long travel kit plus 6 each side. 14' of travel. Elka...
1-8 of 9 Results