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  1. Will the Stock Rear Belts work with PRP bench seat?

    Seats, and Restraint Systems
    Anybody know if the stock rear seat belts will work with the PRP 52" bench seat? I realize I will need to add a new harness in the middle, but am just wondering if I can keep the stock belts on the sides and have them come through the wholes in the new PRP bench seat? Thanks, Samson
  2. Installed the netting today.

    Roll Cages, and Safety Equipment
    We just recently added 4 point child harnesses, today, we added netting to keep the brush out of the T4. Here are some pics of the harnesses and netting. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/k7tdpmxj3o6l5gr/KVdWvoEJ2D