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help needed

  1. Can’t figure it out need help ASAP

    Intake and Fuel
    Ok so I can’t get my 2017 Teryx4 800 to stay running yes first think most people say is fuel filter.. already checked it.. here is what it’s doing... turn key on fuel pump kicks on then off.. Teryx fires up runs for 2-3 seconds then shuts off, checked fuel lines, all good pulled pump out checked...
  2. HELP new EPS actuator installed. Can not activate!!!

    Engine and Drivetrain
    2016 LE 800 New eps installed EPS light is on and no power steering at all. Have tried the reset procedure but it will not work. It just keeps flashing codes at me. No service manual so I don’t know how the codes read. Only 500km on the machine. codes read 4slow 1 fast 5slow 1 fast 6slow 1...
  3. belt issues

    I have a 2012 t4 less with less than 1000 miles just blew up my second belt both times it has happened on pavement after going top speed for 7 miles or so anyone else had this issue if so how did you fix it thanks in advance
  4. Need help on How to water wheelie 2011 teryx

    How - To
    I have a 2011 teryx and love to play in the water. It has the catvos 3" lift, 30" backs on the way, at the shop getting clutch work as we speak. Does anybody know how to get this beast to water wheelie without 3 drunk buddies n the bed? I do apologize if there is already a thread but I have...