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  1. HID & LED Bars - Baja Designs

    Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    Hey everyone, We just wanted to keep letting you know that we are here to help with all your lighting questions. I also wanted to share our Bars again, HID & LED. I would love to know what you guys prefer on your Teryx? At Baja Designs we don't believe in the Phrase to much light, you can...
  2. LaPaz HID Light Bar

    Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    If anyone has any questions about any of out LaPaz light bars, please feel free to ask. Thanks, Gordon BD - Baja Designs LaPaz Light Bars are baja proven and the choice of top racers such as Rick D. Johnson, Kent Kroeker, and more! - Each LaPaz Light Bar is pre-wired and rubber...
  3. Why Color Temperature is important

    Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    Color Temperature: Why it’s important, and why Baja Designs outshines the competition…literally We would argue that color temperature and optics are as important as lumen output in determining your choice of an LED light. Today we want to talk about Color Temperature: In the simplest of terms...
  4. What you need to know about your lights

    Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    Hey everyone, I wanted to share some information regarding light sources that might be useful when discussing lighting options or comparing products that you might be looking to add to your vehicles...If you have any questions feel free to ask. Candlepower and Lumens Don’t be misled by...
  5. HID vs. LED

    General Teryx Discussion
    Alright everybody, I wanted to good discussion on HID's and LED's. I would love to hear your personal preference,opinion, and experiences. Here are some facts on both, but I would like to hear what you have to say on the matter. So what do you like?! HID(High Intensity Discharge) lighting is a...
  6. question teryx dash for gauges

    Teryx's and Parts
    i have designed a new dash for where the cup holder goes and i have it so i can put 5 - 2 1/16 gauges in it and 4 square rocker switches , i am going to have it loaded on cad cam then laser cut so is their any interest ? the reason i am doing this is because nobody has enought gauges for me and...