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  1. TERYX Sport 750 (2)

    Night at Oceano Dunes (Pismo Beach) with 2 Optic Light Poles (Green)
  2. Suspension
    why have half of the companies that offer LT gone with +5? and others +6? Is there any specific reason(s) why +5 is offered for the Teryx? Rhino's, for example, don't have a +5 .....but Teryx does.. thinking it's just a track width issue. Any pros....cons for +5 vs. +6 I'm leaning towards...
  3. Suspension
    we have 2 Kawasaki Teryx Long Travel kits built and doing shock testing here are the finalized designs specs: +5" over 14" of travel 300m axles upper and lower 7/8" front spherical bearings 4130 chromoly plate Tig welded engineered in solid works
1-3 of 4 Results