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  1. Desert Racing
    Couldn't be more excited for the opprotunity to run a Kawasaki Teryx for Team Green! It all started last year while talking to Brian at Long Travel Industries at the SSSS about how strong my 2012 WORCS Championship Teryx was and how I could have turned around and ran the whole series again with...
  2. Suspension
    We have been listening to what all of you customers have been asking for so Long Travel Industries and King shocks have been working on a new adjustable compression shock for our Long Travel Kits!!!! sneak peak:
  3. Suspension
    im looking to buy a mts suspension immediatley!
  4. TeryxForums.net TOTM
    Let the voting begin! We will close this poll April 25th, 2009 to announce the winner. Thanks to everyone that participate and submitted a photo! 1: Goin2drt 2: Roadiestar 3: Bobonthis 4: Uplink 5: Corvettematt 6: Crowdog 7: DragonFireRacing 8: Oldbill 9: Duke3577 10...
  5. Suspension
    why have half of the companies that offer LT gone with +5? and others +6? Is there any specific reason(s) why +5 is offered for the Teryx? Rhino's, for example, don't have a +5 .....but Teryx does.. thinking it's just a track width issue. Any pros....cons for +5 vs. +6 I'm leaning towards...
  6. Suspension
    I got some questions about all the different Long Travel kits for a Teryx. Basically what makes one kit better than the next? 1. What is the advatage of adding +2" to the rear or front wheel base? 2. Which axles are stronger 4340 or 300M? 3. What benefit is it to install taller shock...
  7. Suspension
    Has ayone tried to put rear shocks on the front do they fit in the same mounts how is the outcome
  8. Suspension
    Who makes the best kit out there for the teryx? i am in the market and am looking for options been thinking about the xmf kit but im open to others.
  9. Suspension
    we have 2 Kawasaki Teryx Long Travel kits built and doing shock testing here are the finalized designs specs: +5" over 14" of travel 300m axles upper and lower 7/8" front spherical bearings 4130 chromoly plate Tig welded engineered in solid works
1-9 of 9 Results