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  1. Seats, and Restraint Systems
    Anybody know if the stock rear seat belts will work with the PRP 52" bench seat? I realize I will need to add a new harness in the middle, but am just wondering if I can keep the stock belts on the sides and have them come through the wholes in the new PRP bench seat? Thanks, Samson
  2. Desert Racing
    Couldn't be more excited for the opprotunity to run a Kawasaki Teryx for Team Green! It all started last year while talking to Brian at Long Travel Industries at the SSSS about how strong my 2012 WORCS Championship Teryx was and how I could have turned around and ran the whole series again with...
  3. Teryx4
    I thought I'd post a few pictures and see what you all think. Seats, harnesses and 50" rigid sr all from PRP 28" roctanes and wheels from kg motorcycle tires. Cage spuds from LTI Cage built by Evolution Fabrication in Gladstone, Mo
  4. Teryx4
    Picked her up today! 1911freak here on the forums designed, built, and sold the brackets and installation hardware, and is a dealer for PRP, so it's a PRP seat and harnesses that I also bought from him. The total package all in one place! Now I've gotta peel those Teryx4 stickers off...
  5. Seats, and Restraint Systems
    We just got an order of PRP seat belts in stock today. PRP 3in. Competition Style 5 point, w/sewn in pads :: Side By Side and UTV Parts Warehouse - SXSPerformance.com Feel free to PM or give us a ring (855-797-7373) if you have any questions. __________________
1-5 of 5 Results