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  1. General Teryx Discussion
    What’s everyone doing to protect the front radiator? Custom work or prebuilt? I’ve got a 2019 teryx4 LE, this one caught my eye but is prebuilt for a different year, sent an email to manufacture to find out...
  2. Engine and Drivetrain
    I put a hole in and bent up the radiator over the holiday weekend, so I need a replacement. Are there any aftermarket available that are better than the OEM, or is OEM my best bet? If OEM is best, is there anyplace that has good prices on OEM parts? This is for 2014 T4 Thanks!
  3. Teryx's and Parts
    I am looking for a radiator for teryx 4 2015 model. Any suggestions on an aftermarket or oem version. Mine is folded from a tree. Would love to find one quick.
  4. Engine and Drivetrain
    The last time that we had the T4 out there were several times where the temp light came on and we had to stop and let it idle until the light went out. It seems like it was overheating more on the high speed driving, as there were rocky sections that we traversed with no issues. I don't think...
  5. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey fellow forum users, I need some help. I have a new '14 LE and My radiator broke open after 30 miles of riding. After the service garage removed it, you could clearly see a "cut" in the shape of the spinning fan. Not a quick dent or like something busted through, but more like a very...
1-5 of 5 Results