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  1. 2012 T4 CVT Intake Location?

    General Teryx Discussion
    Got my center console off today, and dash some what off. Saw air intake under the dash, I assume it's the CVT exhaust under the center console (ran out of me time, had to start honey do list). Where is the CVT intake ? Any help would be appreciated. I'm thinking of venting the cvt a bit higher.
  2. Snorkeled CVT

    Intake and Fuel
    After reviewing several threads on here about snorkels and kits and home made stuff i decided to attack it myself. I was very suprised at how easy these things are to snorkel. It took some patients and a few extra feet of 2" PVC but i gotter done.
  3. need info on building my own snorkel

    How - To
    have a 08 teryx. wanting to snorkel it myself.......anybody have a material list of what you used and instructions on how you did your own........:question:
  4. Get the belt wet?

    I am considering snorkeling my rex. I am for sure doing the intake. My question is just HOW important would it be for me to snork my belt boxes too? I have had my rex in water almost touching the bottom of the airbox a couple of times and my belt has yet to slip. Has anyone gotten there belts wet?
  5. New member from Bush, LA

    New Members
    We got our Teryx a couple months ago in pieces. Evidently it was sunk and the previous owners insurance wouldn't pay for repairs, so we got it for next to nothing. We have a good friend who has rebuilt the motor and we have started installing a few add ons before we stick the motor back in...