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  1. General Teryx Discussion
    New to the teryx4 crew. Seeking mind sharing on experience with roof racks for hunting and storage. What are y’all using and or what models have caught your interest?
  2. General Teryx Discussion
    Hey all - great forum. New to the teryx world. Loving my T4 though! Right now I have a full windshield that I've attached with some AWESOME faststraps (can't post link, not enough post count) which make it easy to take on and off. We took it off to ride this past weekend and left it in the...
  3. General Teryx Discussion
    After one of the more recent rides I had plenty of gear in my storage compartments, and when I took the gear out I noticed the stuff on the bottom was wet. Once all the gear was out there was some water in the bottom. I did not think I went through any really deep water, and as far as I know...
  4. New Members
    Been waiting a couple years to buy a sxs. Always loved kawasaki and since the t4 fit our needs best we sold the quads and then found a 13 with 190 miles. We love it but going to have to do the bench seat conversion soon. Right now doing the fuel vent mod this weekend and then probably going to...
  5. Teryx4
    Recently purchased a brand new 2014 T4. Love it! One thing missing is all the accessories that other machines have available. I've been scouring the forum, and getting some great advice, but haven't seen anyone really showing their solutions for optional storage. Soft Side bags would be nice...
1-5 of 6 Results