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  1. Teryx4
    I have a boss marine radio and daul 6.5" tube bluetooth subwoofer. I want to add Pyle bluetooth speakers. I have a 9 fuse relay box from Brute Performance with 5 fused power hook ups and 4 switched ones. The radio is hooked up to one that comes on with the key. I need to add the speakers and...
  2. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    I thought I'd post up a summary of my most recent project on my 2014 Teryx 4. Thanks to everyone on this forum for all the posts and ideas - it was a great help in planning out this project. Optima Yellow Top 34/78 AGM Battery: I went back an forth on this one. Couldn't decide between the...
  3. How - To
    Hey Everyone, I'm looking to install a new audio system into my 2012 T4. Sub = Kicker -SKM 10" Single Sealed Marine Sub Speakers = 2 Boss Marine 4 Way Wake Tower Speaker System Amp = Pyle Marine Amplifier -1200 W PMPO Before I order will I drain my battery too fast with this Amp? I dont know...
1-3 of 3 Results