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  1. Suspension and Sway Bar

    General Teryx Discussion
    Looking for some advice from fellow members. I have a 2017 T2 and ride mainly in sand in the summer and hunting trails in the fall. No rock climbing or real mud bogging. Looking for a smoother ride going over whoops on sand trails and clearance on the hunting trails. What does everyone...
  2. REALLY? Toe in Usable Range: 10 ∼ 30 mm (0.39 ∼ 1.18 in.)

    This is what the 2017 Teryx 2 service manual says for toe in Specs My New machine has 700 km on it, trails and gravel logging roads, some pavement RIGHT FRONT TIRE THREAD IS WRECKED Preliminary measurement indicates TOE IS MORE THEN 30mm!!!!! as delivered by factory/dealer Tire pressure is dead...
  3. suspension for sale

    Teryx's and Parts
    I have brand new powder coated green A- arms and 2 front/2rear piggyback reservoir coil-over FOX® Podium™ shocks, with adjustable spring preload.The stock suspension has been used 1 time. $450 obo plus shipping for 4 shocks. $150 for the arms. Shipping from San Diego
  4. Tire size difference & stance

    Wheels and Tires
    Hello all... New comer here with some basic questions that I'm not finding answers to after a few days of reading. Also, just had my first service (20hrs, 270km) and my Kawi Mech wasn't all that helpful with his "version" of answers.....so I am asking the true experts who actually drive these...
  5. Need to make the ride a little more smooth !

    New Teryx4 owner here. I recently purchased a 2014 that the dealer still had in stock. I am used to the ride you get from some of the newer/larger 4-wheelers. I need to do something to soften the ride up a tad. Well to be honest, I would like to soften it up a lot! This thing is nice but...
  6. New from arkansas

    New Members
    Ok, I havnt purchased a Teryx yet but have studied and drooled for awhile now.i have owned 3 Kawasaki 4 wheelers and currently ride a 12 brute force 750 loaded with several options for trail riding. I would love to get some honest feedback on how the Teryx handles and maneuvers when riding...
  7. 2008 suspension lift

    Community Help
    Has anyone ever lowered the rear "A" arms, turned over the upper "A" arm and re attached the shock to get about 4" of lift. Im just wondering if this would work. Im gonna make some brackets to reposition the rear "A" arms about an inch and 1/4 lower on the frame which will allow enough room...
  8. Need Advice on A Arm Guards

    I have been looking at a arm guards and need info from folks who have used the various designs out there. We ride wooded trails slowly and avoid mud whenever possible (we live near Brimstone) and I've noticed a couple of rock hits on the bottoms of the A Arms. The EMP guards are very price...
  9. uneven rear suspension

    Greetings everyone. I've often admired your rides and read your threads. Thanks. First time posting, I hope someone can advise me... I've noticed that the rear of my 2013 T4 is not even. The adjustment on top of the rear spring appears to be the culprit. What is the best way to adjust it...
  10. hcr +6 long travel kit with kings and axles

    MISC For Sale
    Kit includes 8 Boxed tig welded Arms 4 King Shocks remote reservoir 2.0 Race tuned shocks/ custom Black with silver springs or traditional King Blue 4 Summers Bros Racing 4340 axles Specs: 6”wider per side 1” forward 1” back You will have over 13 inches of travel to your Rhino Uses OEM ball...