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  1. How to take apart dash??

    Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    Installing my LED pods this week on my brush guard and know how to wire and install. But need to know how to take the dash apart to run wires to the switch? Could you guys post pictures of how to do this or give some tips? Thanks Zach
  2. Dual Battery Isolator Relay

    Community Help
    Does anyone here uses the STINGER Isolator for dual battery application? I need to install my 2nd battery but I seem to be only getting this one form the internet. STINGER SGP38 80AMP CURRENT RELAY DUAL BATTERY ISOLATOR | eBay Is this the cheapest and good way to have 2 batteries? :scared2...
  3. New from Stratford Oklahoma

    New Members
    Hi I am from Stratford oklahoma I have a 08 teryx I just bought it has snorkels, 30in mud light Xxl came with extra set of wheels and a set of 27in executioners, full pro box roof that has 4 speakers and head unit in it just one problem it won't come out of 4 wheel drive flip the switch to 2wd...
  4. Toggle Safety Switch Covers

    Toggle Safety Switch Covers

    1- LED Whip 1- HID Lights 1- Dome Light