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  1. How - To
    Hey, I have a new 2020 teryx4 LE and currently live about 5 hours from the nearest dealership. I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the service manual, as I will be performing some routine maintenance myself (oil changes, lube top ups, etc) Thanks!
  2. General Teryx Discussion
    What are the best options to modify the existing cup holders to accept a 20-30 oz tumbler? I've been trying to find something that slides in the existing cupholders snugly that would have a larger opening which is offset a bit to allow two larger beverages. Anyone seen anything like that?
  3. Engine and Drivetrain
    T4 engine sold ***Sold*** New in crate 2013 T4 750 engine - P/N 70750-0124-EL Still in original shipping crate wrapped in plastic from Kawasaki and would like to sell since it will not be used for the project it was intended for. Looking to get $2000 or possible trades for good UTV...
  4. Teryx's and Parts
    New in box crate engine for the Kawasaki Teryx 4. Removed from shipping box for photos only. Bought to replace engine but was never used. Comes complete with all clutching. Will not work in older T2 chassis without modifications. Looking to sell for $3000 - motivated seller Please PM with...
  5. Teryx4
    So I'm not having very much luck trying to get my T4 sold - (http://www.teryxforums.net/teryx-s-parts/32562-2014-teryx-4-sale-norcal.html). For those who have been doing this longer and may have moved up / out of their original rigs, any tips on how you got your old one sold? TIA for any/all...
  6. Teryx4
    Change your Teryx 4 into a 5 seater. Gain extra seating so you can take those little kiddos along with you when you head out on your next adventure.
  7. Wheels and Tires
    I'm hoping someone can give me a quick answer on this: So I recently bought the HD5 beadlock wheels which came with 5/2 offsets from Rocky Mountain ATV and they assured me it would fit my '14 T4. As it turned out they did not, as the front wheels hit the tie rod end. I want an affordable...
  8. Teryx's and Parts
    More info on Ebay(Search "SSV WORKS Complete Stereo") Reserve set at $500 but negotiable for Forum members SSV WORKS Complete Stereo T4 From my 2012 Kawasaki Teryx 4 seater (some parts fit other models) Everything is in perfect working order. Some scratches and dirt in crevices (see pics)...
  9. Teryx's and Parts
    I have for sale a 2012 Teryx 4. It has full windshield, full roof, custom soundbar (2-infinity 6x9's, jensen 160 watt round head unit, l.e.d interior lights, switch for reverse lights, and blank switch for add on accessory), Garage Products A-Arm bushings, Kanati Mongrel 28" tires, 2" lift done...
  10. General Teryx Discussion
    We are ready to start shipping our racks. We are bringing to market the best cargo rack solution available, period. This is a bolt on accessory that requires no modification of the Teryx 4. You simply remove a single bolt from each of the stock rear X-Brace and install the cargo rack using the...
  11. Engine and Drivetrain
    I am new to the teryx world and was wondering how the power commander V worked and also if it would void the warranty can anyone help
  12. Wheels and Tires
    I'm looking to go to 15" rims on my 2012 T4 and run some 28" bfg truck tires on it. I was wondering how it would affect my power and how the ride would be. Biggest concern is keeping that smooth ride off road. Thanks
  13. How - To
    .Hey I'm going to be building my own t4 bed lift I just wondered if anyone with some experience had any tips for me. Should I go 3 or 4 inch? I will also be putting on a 2.5" quadboss lift and 2" wheel spacers front and back this week.any advice or comments would be appreciated! Will hav b4 and...
  14. Teryx4
    I picked up a new camo T4 about a month ago. I got my first mods completed today. I went with a gorilla stage one lift, Interco Interforce 30-10-12 tires, and STI xd2 wheels. Here are some pictures.
  15. General Teryx Discussion
    I have a 2012 teryx with 2in lift with 30in maxxis zillas. I was just wondering what the best kit was
  16. Teryx4
    Stage 1 of the build is done, featuring a SDR cage, Wallys Bed Lift, HCR Long travel with King Shocks, DWT Beadlocks, Rigid E Series LED light bar, and Crow Belts. Over Easter, we had our first weekend of riding with all the new goodies, and it was a blast. The Teryx4 is a great machine, and...
  17. Teryx4
    Just purchased my first Kawasaki on black friday, a 2012 Teryx4 EPS CAMO edition. My wife and I were in the market for a four seater side by side for our family of four. We have two young girls ages 3 and 1 that love to ride. We originally went to the dealer with all intentions of either buying...
1-17 of 18 Results