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  1. Teryx's and Parts
    Hello and thanks for looking I have my 2016 Kawasaki T. Rex LE Up for sale It comes with a lot of upgrades as you can see Starting with HCR racing Moab edition long Travel suspension system With king shocks Also Comes with 32" tires Also comes with backup set of 30" tires as well as the original...
    $16,950 USD
  2. General Teryx Discussion
    Good day everyone, I have a 2008 Teryx that I took in to the shop because it was having starting issues and running rough. They have completed a carb kit and replaced the jets but they are still having issues stating that it is running very rich and will not stay on in idle. They stated they...
  3. General Teryx Discussion
    When my wheels are straight, the steering wheel is turned more to the right. If I remove the center cap off the steering wheel will I be able to remove the wheel and center it?
  4. Sgroi Innovations
    We are running a special offer for anyone on the forum who happened to miss our Black Friday weekend sale! Visit our website www.knightatv.com and enjoy 10% off STOREWIDE!! Please enter code: "knightrider10" and enjoy your new Knight Powersports Products!!
  5. General Teryx Discussion
    Anybody has a solution to modify roof gutter on T2 factory roof? I and my passenger gets soaking wet every time it rains as the little gutter directs the full stream of water directly onto the driver and passenger Annoying as one gets probably more soaked then driving without roof
  6. Engine and Drivetrain
    T4 engine sold ***Sold*** New in crate 2013 T4 750 engine - P/N 70750-0124-EL Still in original shipping crate wrapped in plastic from Kawasaki and would like to sell since it will not be used for the project it was intended for. Looking to get $2000 or possible trades for good UTV...
  7. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    My girlfriend inherited a 2013 Kawasaki Teryx 4 seater. It is having electrical issues. None of the lights work and the in dash stuff doesn't work.(spedo,odometer). It keeps blowing the 15A Fuse as soon as I replace it. Right now I have all accessories removed and it still doing it. Can...
  8. Teryx's and Parts
    I am parting out my 2012 Teryx 4 seater. I have a first gen Catvos 3 inch lift kit with the high clearance a-arms. The first gen kits are considered by most to be the better quality kits. They were put on the bike when it was new and have less than 300 miles on them. They are currently off the...
  9. New Members
    Hi guys, Just signed up and wanted to ask your opinion on this 2011 Teryx. I am British but I'm currently living in Bolivia (South America) and wanted to get a side by side to play around with in the country. Found this Teryx for sale for $8k (prices for used vechiles are high in Bolivia) and...
  10. Clutch and Belts
    I have a 2014 Teryx 800. I want to disable the engine brake but low and behold its no longer a mechanical brake on the clutch like the old ones on the Brutes and old Teryx models. Anyone know what/where it is now and how I can remove/disable it? I do a lot of slow speed crawling around and the...
  11. Teryx's and Parts
    New in box crate engine for the Kawasaki Teryx 4. Removed from shipping box for photos only. Bought to replace engine but was never used. Comes complete with all clutching. Will not work in older T2 chassis without modifications. Looking to sell for $3000 - motivated seller Please PM with...
  12. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hello all, new to the group......have read lots of posts over the years to help fix my ride so thought I'd better join in on the fun anyway, replaced a rear cv boot over the weekend and axle goes back into the diff nicely but when I try to line the swing arms back up into the knuckle or axle...
  13. Engine and Drivetrain
    Selling for a steal - Have a brand new kawasaki teryx T4 engine. New model will not fit old bodies, this is the wet clutch engine. These are going for $3300 on Ebay and more retail from Kawasaki. Selling for just $2500, you pay to have it shipped or can add $200 for freight shipping to lower...
  14. Members Rides
    Keepin the old too
  15. General Teryx Discussion
    I'm selling my JStrong Roof, i never use. Here is the craigslist add: JStrong Roof Thanks for looking, James from Arkansas
  16. Engine and Drivetrain
    Working on a 2008 750 Teryx. After installing the Cylinder Works 860 Big Bore kit, we are struggling big time with getting it to run right. Although the timing and valve adjustment can be confusing, seems like we've got that right now. Put 170 main jets in the stock carbs, shimmed the needles...
  17. nFLOW Motorsports
    nFlow offers complete remanufactured Kawasaki Teryx 750 crate engines! Engine are assembled with precision, using stringent operating procedures. We offer free shipping* on our remanufactured engines located inside the 48 continuous USA states. We offer a 90-day limited warranty. All nFLOW...
  18. Engine and Drivetrain
    Looking for a used set of 2008 Teryx 750 heads. If you or anyone you know has a set, please private message me. Thanks.
  19. Engine and Drivetrain
    Have a brand new still in shipping and packaging box that we didn't use on a project. New style T4 engine so it doesn't bolt into the older T2 bodies without some handy skills to fab in. Located in Phx. AZ, will ship if interested. Not looking to make money just what we paid for. Have receipts...
  20. Intake and Fuel
    If you have a bad fuel pump call flip industries and get the pump for the mule its the 4010 i think.i used it in my 2010 teryx and is a perfect fit and runs perfect..its 48.99
1-20 of 78 Results