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  1. 2012 Teryx4 No Power or dashlights

    Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    2012 Teryx4 was out riding and turned ignition off. When I went back to start it up there is no power or dash lights. Checked the battery, all of the fuses including the main fuse, and power to the solenoid. There is continuity at fuse panel when I turn the key on... Any help would be greatly...
  2. is there an obvious 'gotcha!' ?

    General Teryx Discussion
    2013 T4 performed valve inspection and adjustment over the weekend. Front cylinder exhaust was waaay tight. Drove it into the garage Friday did work Sat, reassembled Sun and now it wont start. Turns over, catches and sputters but wont start. I haven't reinstalled seats or body panels but i...
  3. A arms and lifting it

    Super ATV
    So thinking about buying the super atv A arms front and back for my teryx4.. I have a hl bracket lift at the moment with 2 inch spacers.. so from what I've seen here the bracket lift does not fit on the super atv arms. Has anyone ran the Super atv lift kit and the arms? If so can i see some...
  4. Advice please

    Can anyone give me advice? I am looking at a 2012 T4 EPS Scout Green 256 miles. No known issues very clean. (only mods are Audio and 2nd set of headlights) The seller is asking $9999 includes a 6x10 Quality trailer. Reason they bought it to ride with family and never go. only been out a few...
  5. 2014 Teryx 4 for sale - NorCal

    Teryx's and Parts
    2014 Teryx 4 LE for sale - NorCal Hey guys, We are losing our campsite up in Tahoe this year, so we are going to be moving on from UTV land. As such, mine is up for sale and i would appreciate any help in getting it sold. You can check it out here, or let me know if you are interested in more...
  6. SSV WORKS Complete Stereo T4

    Teryx's and Parts
    More info on Ebay(Search "SSV WORKS Complete Stereo") Reserve set at $500 but negotiable for Forum members SSV WORKS Complete Stereo T4 From my 2012 Kawasaki Teryx 4 seater (some parts fit other models) Everything is in perfect working order. Some scratches and dirt in crevices (see pics)...
  7. Blue Teryx4

    Blue Teryx4

    2012 Teryx4
  8. Blue Teryx4

    Blue Teryx4

    2012 Teryx4
  9. Blue Teryx4

    Blue Teryx4

    2012 Teryx4
  10. 30" outlaw radials on 2014 T4

    Wheels and Tires
    Have m21 bead lock wheels coming and I have the outlaw radials 30" but I only run HL 2" will I have trouble clearing them ? Anything I can do to prevent? Want pics if anyone else running 30 radials on there T4 and what lift.. One more thing, will i have axle problems by the weight?
  11. 2012 T4 for sale

    Teryx's and Parts
    I am looking to sell my 2012 T4. It has full windshield, full top, custom soundbar with jensen head unit, infinity 6x9 speakers, l.e.d lights, switch for reverse lights, and one blank for accessory of your choice. It is lifted 2 1/2 inches via custom shock towers and Fox Podium X shocks up front...
  12. Adding a Rocker Switch Panel

    I am looking to add a 4 rocker switch panel. With wrench in/out, whip, interior light, led bar and back lights. You recommend running duel batteries or replacing stock battery with yellow top or another one? You think it can handle it all? Also what are some products you used to get the rocker...
  13. New T4 Rear Cargo Rack

    How - To
    Preliminary images of the rack. for prototype/proof of concept I'm happy with it but all future racks will be fabricated with 1 1/4" tubing to both reduce weight, and make it a more fluid looking bolt on accessory. PM if you have additional questions. I'm excited to have both more space and a...
  14. FS: 2012 Teryx4!!!

    Teryx's and Parts
    The kids are tired of being passengers and are wanting their own 4 wheelers so the T4 is leaving the family. Will trade for a RZR 800 S LE. Here ya go..... -ITP 14" wheels -27" Roctanes. 2 months old -Kawi roof -Half windshield -54w LED lights mounted up high -Super ATV power steering -400w...
  15. For Sale: OEM Teryx 4 Rear Seats With Brackets & Seatbelts

    Teryx's and Parts
    I bought the rear bench seat kit and have the original seats, with brackets and seatbelts. I am sure these can be used in numerous off road vehicles in numerous ways. Located in Chattanooga, TN. PM me if interested.
  16. best seat harness using stock seats?

    I'm new to the forum. Just got a Teryx4 EPS and love it. I want to install better seat belts but keep my stock seats. Rear seat passengers are 6 year old boys that weigh 40 lb. each. Suggestions?
  17. Northern Utah Trail Ride Last Weekend (pics)

    10,000 acres of awesome trail riding I thought I'd take a couple pics of and share. I put a good number of miles on this day! :razz: All pics with my cell phone... sorry for the quality! My wife forgot the camera at the truck... Panoramic shot:
  18. Vote for Me! Teryx4 Contest

    We are one of 4 finalist in the Ultimate Family Adventure contest! We are thrilled to have the chance to win a Kawasaki Teryx4 and hang out with Destry Abbott and his family! We need your help, please vote for the Morse family! You can vote now until June 29, once a day. Ultimate Family...
  19. QUANTIFIED FEEDBACK NEEDED RE: BENCH in REAR of T4 (seat 5 instead of 4)

    CLARIFYING POINT - This is focused around getting three kids in the back, and may not be practical I suppose if you're trying to get three adults in the back. I know there is a demand for this in young families, as I've seen it all over various forums. I hung up the phone with a guy from...
  20. Winch Brand Options (and size?)

    Winch and Recovery
    I'm ready to pick up a winch now. I've been torn between throwing a come-a-long in the back vs. shelling out bucks for a winch, and think I need to go with the winch. On my ATV, I have a Warn winch. They have a great name for themselves as being reliable and well built. But of course, there...