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  1. 40' Keystone Fuzion toy hauler

    MISC For Sale
    Lots of pics here: Keystone Fuzion Toy Hauler Slideshow by ridefst | Photobucket We've had this for a number of years, and it's always been a great camper and toy hauler, but we're looking to move to a class A or super C in order to pull a larger boat for the times we're not riding. It's a...
  2. Toy hauler garage question?

    General Teryx Discussion
    So I am looking at getting a toy hauler with a garage to haul the T4. The couple of models I have narrowed it down to have 11', and 12.5' garages. Has anyone here hauled with an 11' garage? I am hauling the T4 in a 10' dump trailer now, and the rear hangs over the back tailgate a couple of...