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  1. General Teryx Discussion
    All of a sudden my 2015 Teryx 4 800 wont start. Just getting a click from the starter solenoid. When using a test light, have power to cable going to starter only when it's unhooked from starter. No power when I hook the wire back up to starter. Replaced starter solenoid and battery so far. New...
  2. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    2012 Teryx4 was out riding and turned ignition off. When I went back to start it up there is no power or dash lights. Checked the battery, all of the fuses including the main fuse, and power to the solenoid. There is continuity at fuse panel when I turn the key on... Any help would be greatly...
  3. Engine and Drivetrain
    Need some help out there, I have a 09 Teryx that's completely stock. A few weeks ago it would start without any problems, then as it turned cold I figured I would start it so that the battery wouldn't die. Went to start it and it would turn over but wouldn't fire. So, I check for spark on...
1-3 of 3 Results