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  1. Teryx's and Parts
    I have a Warn winch off a 2018 Teryx 4 that was installed and never used. I am asking $250.00 for it and its located in Las Vegas. Please let me know if interested. 949-373-6604
  2. How - To
    Hey Does anyone have a KFI plow installed on a teryx? what winch mount are you using? when i install the bracket for the plow mount, the bolts come up through the plate that my winch was bolted to... see pic for how it no longer sits. What winch mount are you using? I see KFI has one that fits...
  3. Winch and Recovery
    Finally someone is coming out with a true waterproof winch. I'm sure it's not gonna be cheap though. Warn Industries Launches Two All-New Ground-Breaking Powersports Winch Lineups - UTV Guide
  4. Winch and Recovery
    Came across this a few years ago. Use a Kong dog toy (small) as a winch hook stop to protect your fairlead. It's softer than the plastic puck stops so there's some forgiveness if you winch in a little too tight. Plus, being a Kong product, they are tough. They get chewed up by the hook, rope...
  5. New Members
    Hi guys, Just signed up and wanted to ask your opinion on this 2011 Teryx. I am British but I'm currently living in Bolivia (South America) and wanted to get a side by side to play around with in the country. Found this Teryx for sale for $8k (prices for used vechiles are high in Bolivia) and...
  6. Winch and Recovery
    Hi Everyone, This is my first post but have used this forum for a lot of great info! As the title says, the hole alignment on the Kawasaki Winch mount plate is too narrow for the roller fairlead of the Warn Vantage 4000lb to fit. (Fairlead is way to wide). Has anyone come across this issue...
  7. General Teryx Discussion
    I'm thinking very hard about getting the EMP Front bumper for my 2011 Teryx. Has anyone had any issues with overheating with the winch being on top?? Also, it does say that the front cover doesn't open up all the way, depending on winch and the size. Can anyone tell me if this is an issue as...
  8. How - To
    NOTES: I choose not to use the "handle-bar" switch. I also will replace the cheap circuit breaker (included with the winch) with a Bussmann (CB185-100) 100 Amp Type III Circuit Breaker. This can be reset instead of being replaced. I will be adding more pics as I wrap-up the install. 1)...
  9. Winch and Recovery
    I am looking into winches. It would be mostly used for adjusting a plow, but may be used for recovery or other uses. Since the Teryx (2 seater) weighs in at ~1400#s plus gear and fluids what amount of pull is necessary? Since recovery is low on the list of uses, I don't mind using a snatch...
  10. How - To
    Can anyone tell me the best winch plate for a 2013 base Teryx? I'm installing a Badlands 5000# winch. The winch came with a mounting plate but nothing lines up with the factory plate. Thanks
  11. Winch and Recovery
    I'm ready to pick up a winch now. I've been torn between throwing a come-a-long in the back vs. shelling out bucks for a winch, and think I need to go with the winch. On my ATV, I have a Warn winch. They have a great name for themselves as being reliable and well built. But of course, there...
  12. Teryx's and Parts
    :pepper1: I'm selling my 2009 750 Fuel Injected Teryx LE Monster Edition. It only has 10 hours on it and most of the riding has been around my subdivision with my grand kids. Included are a Full and Half Windshield, Passenger Grab Bay, Rearview Mirror, Hard Top and a new never installed 4500 lb...
  13. Winch and Recovery
    Can anyone help me ? I just purchased a 2010 Teryx and am now looking at a winch, found 1 on Ebay (Venom) and decided that after all the reviews on here that this is the brand but here's my Q. The company says that they recommend a 4500 lb winch, I am looking at the 2500 or 3000 lb. What size do...
  14. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    I am putting a winch(viper 4000) onto my 2008 teryx 4x4 LE, does anyone know if there is a dedicated 12v accessory wire, I am thinking of also installing a couple of 4" offroad lights. Should I just us my multimeter and find a hot wire behind the ignition switch? this seems like it could get...
  15. Winch Remote Socket

    Winch Remote Socket

    Location of Viper 4500 winch remote, under dash, above "trans" tunnel. Also 12v hotpoint.
  16. Dash Pic

    Dash Pic

    Dash pic showing location of the Viper 4500 rocker switch (located between the 2wd/4wd selector switch & digital dash)