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  1. How - To
    i recently acquired a 2013 teryx 750 the previous owner informed me that the 4x4 did not operate i figured i would replace the front diff but when i went to pull the diff out it has a front diff out a 2015 teryx that custom mount brackets were made for but was never wired in i'm trying to...
  2. KRX 1000
    I've got two LED lights I want to add. I'd like them hooked up to reverse/brake. Where is the best location to connect into the current wire harness? I could easily run wires to the tail lights, but there has to be a better option not so prone to getting caked in mud. I plan to mount the...
  3. How - To
    Just bought my brand new 2015 Teryx LE and wanted to install some green leg well lights. What's the easiest way to wire these things to a simple, single pole rocker switch? The flex led strip is the kind you can cut to length and stick anywhere, just a positive and negative lead coming out the...
  4. Lighting, Stereo, and Electrical
    Installing my LED pods this week on my brush guard and know how to wire and install. But need to know how to take the dash apart to run wires to the switch? Could you guys post pictures of how to do this or give some tips? Thanks Zach
  5. Engine and Drivetrain
    So I had the skid plate removed since I re installed the stock exhaust due to the db's of the full duals. (Which is for sale with less than 8 hours of riding) I was asked by law enforcement :cop2: to help locate a lost hunter with health problems, that was later found alive and well...
1-5 of 6 Results