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I just bought my first off-road vehicle, a Teryx NRA that I intend to use mainly for hunting and shooting transportation here in NV. I've got three hours on the engine and had a blast this morning taking it for its first real test drive. We have a lot of soft sand here, so I reduced the tire pressures to 7 front/10 rear psi and it made a huge difference to the uphill climb performance.

So far, my concerns are the need for:

(1) Rear view mirror - the NRA model's cargo net and Kolpin gun boots block an over-the-shoulder view to the rear, so my Teryx would benefit from at least one rear view mirror.

(2) Spare tire - the front and rear are different, so what sort of spare (and jack) should I buy to avoid a problem in case of a flat? I would probably strap the spare in the back if it doesn't interfere with carrying my shooting gear.
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