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First of all welcome fellow Canadians.

Canadians are getting hosed on the price of ATVs so the least the companies could do is offer some great rebates or packages but it doesnt always seem so .

So why do we accept this??

Now i know some of the problems lie in dealerships but it starts at the top so it really starts and ends with the manufacturers .

Do the companies think we are too stupid to know any better? are Canadians just weak and accept being treated like fools ? I have been looking over the teryx and what i have encountered is arrogent salesmen that say that people are paying the Canadian MSRP so they cant be too much , ( it seems to be the same for all of the manufactures)

well what options do we have? one thing we can do is shop south, now if that doesnt appeal to you one could start contacting the Manufacturer of the ATV they desire and start complaining, and then the media, plus inform people on campus that canadians are getting screwed by these big corporations, whatever it takes to get your message out.
The more people that accept it and do nothing the greater chance that we will be fleeced like Sheeple

I contacted Kawasaki Canada to get an explanation as to why and they still have not been able to give a reason and they promised that i would get a phone call back but i have yet to hear from them( I actually had them say that they promise that i will be contacted in regards to this and not just ignored !). I will call again and keep harrassing them till they stop screwing us.
Pretty soon i will be spending my spare time contacting the media svc's posting etc .

If they tried to do this to Americans they wouldnt stand for it and they would fight for what was right and not be passive and accepting. the price disparity would never Fly down south but Canadians are meant to be passive ,polite and accepting even when corperate vampires tickle our prostrates.

So before you make a canadian purchase spend a bit of time and let it be known that you are not lamb for the slaughter. Who know perhaps it will make a positive difference.

this is some contact info for Kawasaki and dont stop till you get satisfaction and perhaps the pressure will cause them to take notice. I will in the next while find contact info for other companies that like to screw Canadians

Loren Sait dealer svc direct line, 416 446 4173
Fax: 416-445-5389
you can try this email [email protected]

Kawasaki Canada customer relations 416-446-4185

Vice President of Kawasaki Canada Pat Chambers
[email protected]

Good luck and put some pressure on them till they listen .

it is the principle of the matter and not just the dollars and cents, Canadians are meant to be a proud and fair people that stand up for what is right, so why are Canadians so ready to accept being screwed????
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