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2018 Teryx4 LE
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Hey all—Been looking around here for a week or two, and joined this evening...first post. :)

We’ve been looking into adding a vehicle. Having owned a Mule 3000 for around 20 years, and on our second set of Kawi Jetskis, we obviously like the brand.

My son and I are dirt bikers, and fly orange on that...but with four wheels or impellers, green works best! Considered the other two MIJ brands, but love Kawi reliability.

Our old Mule has been such a trooper...it’s done it’s share of work hauling brush, flagstones, dirt, rock, sod, you name it. More recently we have rural property and my older son loves to cruise that beast around alone or with his buddies.

Originally we wanted to add a Mule trans (two bench seats), but one thing led to another, and today I brought home 2018 Teryx4 LE.


73 hrs, relatively clean, fair price...and after looking for a couple months and seeing what’s out there, this appeared to be the one.

Came with a roof, Wet Sounds Stealth sound bar, LED light bar, and trunk box (will likely remove). Has a windshield that’s scratched and yellowed (buffable?).

Excited for how we can use this thing...my wife and younger son can get in on some action on trails and at races.

Got it home, and ran it around the neighborhood. While it runs great, I kept thinking I was smelling a burn pile...eventually realized it was the Teryx!

Climbed under and unbolted all the skid plates...



I think I own some Oklahoma land now...in Texas. ;) Has some burned grass that was the stinky culprit. Pressure washed and now I think she’s breathing easier with all that stuffy weight shed.

While all that’s off I think I’ll do an oil/filter change. Maybe transmission too? Air filter looks okay, but may replace. Anything else I should attend to?

The central skid plate is bent, but think in can make it work with a heat gun and some convincing.


Thinking about a harbor freight 3500 lb winch, and I’d like to pick up a second set of wheels/tires (one for general cruising and an off-road set).

I do have some questions about upgrading the skid plate and recommendations on a flip-up windshield...but perhaps I can search that out here.

Enough chatty...glad to be here. Seems like a wealth of info and helpful people!

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Congratulations, one of my personal favorite color schemes, and the wheel choice looks great! If your riding includes sliding the belly over rocks I would highly recommend UHMW skids, they are more slippery than aluminum and take a beating without becoming bent.

Enjoy! Mike

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You are in a hot climate. Do yourself a favor and get the super atv flip up windshield. You will not regret it. It works awesome and keeps you much cooler.

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