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British newbie living in Boliva - should I get this 2011 Teryx?

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Hi guys,

Just signed up and wanted to ask your opinion on this 2011 Teryx. I am British but I'm currently living in Bolivia (South America) and wanted to get a side by side to play around with in the country.

Found this Teryx for sale for $8k (prices for used vechiles are high in Bolivia) and wanted to get your opinons. It's advertised as 2011 but wanted to confirm this. It has the green color theme but I notice the shocks are silver so I guess it wasn't a lime green stock vechile. Also noticed the wheels aren't stock so not sure if it's a sport model etc.?

Anyone else have any opinions/suggestions/things I should ask? I've attached three pics :)

Thanks all!!


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Check it out, see how it runs. Has pro armor doors, muzzle or some other exhaust. Little high but for your area might be right...
Welcome James. How many miles and hours on the Teryx? Make sure to check the oil and air box before you buy it.
Thanks guys! I'm waiting to hear on the hours/miles tomorrow. The air filter is in the center console right? Would I have to remove the seats to gain access? To check the oil you mean look at the dip stick right? I think that's under the drivers seat? What should I look out for?
Sorry for all the questions! True newbie here.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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