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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a 2008 teryx with a seized motor. I have a running 750 engine from a 2008 brute force I want to swap in. From what I’ve found I’ll need to change the transmission gears and secondary shaft. Maybe change the head too according to some? The biggest issues I see is (1) putting a brute force fuel pump into a teryx (pump is too short and tank doesn’t have mount) and (2) air intake since the plenum on the teryx is for carbs and won’t work with the throttle bodies while the brute plenum/air box combo won’t fit under the console. Can I use a 2009 plenum and will it fit with the teryx air box and brute force throttle bodies?

I have an idea to extend the pickup for the fuel pump and mount part of the brute tank on the teryx tank, but I’m a little timid to start cutting tanks until I know everything else is going to work.

Any answers to the questions or tips on making this easier are welcome!


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