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I get my Teryx4 on Saturday. I'm buying it primarily to drive around my 20 something acre property to stop putting hours on my Kubota tractor and get around in comfort more quickly to do things that don't require a tractor. I also live an hour away from Ocotillo Wells in east county San Diego. I chose a Teryx4 because it was the only machine that offered acceptable utility with acceptable recreation fun for me and my family. I already have a tractor, so I don't need a Teryx for its towing, hauling or dragging capabilities when it comes to work. I am looking forward to using it to go camping out in places where my 4x4 truck can't go. I've been thinking about what I could put in the Teryx bed to make it pretty comfortable for a few days away. Obviously I need the usual camping necessities like food, water, somewhere to sleep and light. I'm looking for creative ideas for the extras like ROPS mounted shovel, hi-lift, spare tire, roof rack for more storage ect. I'm not looking to use my Teryx for high speed desert traversing but as a capable adventure vehicle to explore San Diego's back country safely and comfortably.

From what I've thought up so far I'm looking for ideas on:

- Mounting 2 extra fuel canisters
- Water Storage
- A roof rack storage unit that wont require me to remove the roof from the Teryx
- Cot or Tent setup?
- Recharging electronics, I have a CAT power station but the cigarette lighter from the Teryx can power electronics too
- I have a 2200W small generator, bring that along and more fuel to offset from of this other stuff? The more fuel I can carry the more I can run my generator.
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