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Cargo Box

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looking for ideas for cargo box 2023 Teryx 2. I searched all over, no luck. All for the 4 seater. Thanks for any suggestions
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There was a guy on here a couple of years ago that was prototyping some really nice aluminum boxes made specifically for the T2. Everyone was very excited about it until they heard what they would have to cost. Things got real quiet after that.

Having a T2 myself, I also have looked at many options with varying success. This year I am trying something different. I ordered some of those swing out truck bed tool boxes for my pickup, but after getting them, I decided they were too cheap and flimsy for real work. But I was stuck with them. So I stripped off the hardware and found a place I could use them! The front parts that would normally go over the wheel well in the truck leave a space in the bed that looks just about perfect for sticking my chain saw.

I think it looks pretty good, but time will tell if they hold up. Like I said, they are pretty flimsy.
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Not sure if you are interested or not, but Tusk makes a soft bag that would fit your bike.
This comes really close to filling the bed up and might be worth a look
Side boxes for adventure/touring motorcycles would work well. They’re available top and side opening. You’ve given me an idea what to do with the boxes from the KLR 650 I used to own.
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Duplicate post, sorry.
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