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I was out riding today and noticed that it did not want to idle very well after a while.Come to a open spot and got on the throttle and it started to splutter and pop.

I stopped and and turned the idle up a little so it would stay running.I noticed that it seemed to be missing a little and did not sound right.When I walked behind it my eyes started burning and I could smell raw fuel coming out of the exhaust.

I got to pushing on the choke knob and it smoothed out and the idle came up.I turned the idle back down and it seems fine now.I have read the choke cable can be a pain on the Brutes.I think I may be running rich.If I pull the choke any at all with it running it will quit.

I know the choke on these add fuel instead of blocking the air like most chokes.It seems like it is running rich enough that any extra fuel at all from the choke boggs it down.
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