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Sorry guys, I came here to post the poll and realized I didn't post the contest thread the month prior like I normally do. I'm going to run the contest for the next 5 or so days and then post a poll.

It's time to enter the Teryx of the Month contest for December 2019!

We are looking for the best video or photo that features your Kawasaki Teryx.

We welcome everyone, including staff and vendors, to participate.

Contest Rules: :cop2:
  • The "Video" or "Photo" must be submitted to this thread
  • Only ONE "Video" or "Photo" will be allowed, so make it your best. If you enter more than one, I'll pick the first one you submitted.
  • You must be the owner of the Teryx
  • If you'd like, include a description of your Teryx with a list of all modifications :tools1:
  • As always, photos are still welcome, but well edited videos are encouraged :lousyputer_smilie:

Voting will begin on or about the 1st day of the month, and run for 10 days. Once the voting ends, we will publish the winning "Video" or "Photo" on the front page and the winner will also receive:

Current Prize:

A $25.00 Gift Card from Amazon, Cabelas, or Bass Pro (you choose) and a free one year premium membership to Teryxforums.net :pepper1:


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This is one from Coal Canyon Spearhead Trails in VA.


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I don't know about you-all but on my phone I can click on the pic twice then it's not upside down any more hope that helps
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