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We have been doubling the warranty at Hunterworks on Dynatek CDI's for over two years, just thought I would pass this info on.

Hunterworks is a distributor of Dynatek and helped develop the Rhino 660 and Prowler 650 CDI with Dynatek. On the Prowler CDI for the first six months of it's existence we were the only place you could buy one due to the deal we made with Dynatek when we helped develop it.

We not only sell CDI's we help companies develop CDI's, pre-test and actually make our own Rhino 660 CDI now.

It might seem strange but we work with not only Dynatek but Velocity Devices and now MSD Ignition on development, pre-testing and then finally sales.

We sell a good many items at Hunterworks but we want to be know for the more technical side of ignitions and fuel control.

We are not just a place that only sells them!!
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