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Continuity is good between the fuel pump relay and ECU terminal connection. Wiring, relay and fuses are all good.

If I run a ground wire to the Brown/Yellow wire (this is the wire that goes to the ECU) on the fuel pump relay connection, the fuel pump operates and the engine will fire. Still shows a service code on display. This seems to tell me that the ECU is not grounding the relay. ECU may have been damaged when the bare wires were allowed to touch, but can't say for certain.
That sucks!
Just for shits, did you try plugging the fuel pump relay connector into one of the other relays(next to the fuel pump relay) to test instead of jumping the connector? Maybe the original relay clicks but is effered inside?
IIRC the pump only runs for a few seconds when the key is first turned to the run position then shuts off.
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