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I purchased a starter coil for the 2012 model instead of the 2008 model. Would the difference cause the engine not to start? Also, I noticed the part in the image attached was broken. I could not find it pictured on any of the diagrams, and the part number is missing most of it's digits due to the damage. I will need to replace this part as well, but hopefully someone can tell me what it is and what it does.

The mystery part has for wires: yellow, white, red, and black. It goes into a rubber holder that is connected to the electrical box (housing the fuses, igniter, and starter solenoid). It's on the outside of the box, next to what I believe is the radiator fan relay. Any ideas what it could be?

Also, does anyone know whether or not the NRA machine has a vehicle-down sensor and a regulator/rectifier? In my search for the mysterious part, I discovered that my electrical box (pictured) looks different than the Owners Manual and Service Guide. I checked and it matches the other NRA KRF750F series. It's just interesting that it would different. The locations of the previous two parts where not where the guide showed them to be.

Thanks for your help!


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