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We have some of the Dynatek Programmable CDI's on the way here now and we will be selling them for $299

We also double the warranty but we are offering one special thing the other retailers are not offering, a free Hunterworks High Performance Timing Curve.

The programmable CDI comes with four curves you can select from with a dip switch.

Typical curves are as follows:

#1 Stock
#2 Mild Performance (same as the non-programmable CDI)
#3 High compression
#4 Forced injection such as turbo

We are going to offer a higher performance timing curve that can be ran with a stock Teryx and modified one up the point of high compression pistons. The best part is we will program this curve in it for you and still have four curves to choose from therefore you won't have need to purchase a $100 programmer to do this yourself unless you really want to.

I am of the opinion these four curves will be all you ever need no matter what you do.
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