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Front Knuckles, Bearings and Ball Joints Included.

Hymark Performance engineers the best quality product that money can buy!


Lifetime warranty
3.5x stronger than stock
Comes with Koyo bearings (premier bearing manufacturer)
Comes with heavy duty greasable automotive ball joints (Compare pictures)
3x more ball joint press area than stock knuckles
Steering joint moved .25" outward from ball joint center line to reduce stress and eliminate steering stops
Completely assembled for installation
Run any tire/wheel combination without breaking the knuckles
Hymark knuckles are strong enough to accept any width wheel spacers
Don't let the inferior weak KRX knuckle design ruin your ride or possibly cause an injury. It's just a matter of time until the stock knuckles fail. Extreme damage may occur when the stock knuckles fail such as axle breakage, wheels falling off, or suspension damage.

Run 35"+ tires with confidence with these knuckles from Hymark Performance. Hymark knuckles are designed for serious abuse with any size or weight of tire whether you mud bog, rock crawl, trail ride, or run fluid for weight.


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