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Mid Travel / Long Travel - let's discuss current options

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After following around two KRX's on 34" and 35" tires a couple weeks ago at Windrock I'm researching more suspension upgrades. Not sure I want to go down the rabbit hole with dropping more money on the trusty Teryx, but also can't justify dropping $30k on a new machine! Just trying to spark some conversation on this topic so let me know what you think.

Current setup is front and rear high clearance and offset arms, Bandit shocks (extended length/travel w/ about 2" lift), 30" tires on 4+3 offset wheels and 2" spacers. Here are my thoughts:
  • Still get beat up following the other machines around on the trail. These are the "easier" sections in between the really technical obstacles....not difficult to get through but just littered with bowling ball size rocks and roots that shake you up. Yes, the Bandits made a big difference but the machines with double the wheel travel just float right through this stuff like nothing.
  • A little more clearance would be nice. Currently I can get through all the ruts and over the rocks but do a lot of bottoming out/hitting the skids. Thinking an additional inch of lift and going up to 32" tires, which would net about 2" extra clearance.
  • More width would be nice. A lot of trails on this side of the country (Windrock, Brimstone, etc...) are off camber or rutted and puts the side of the machine up against the rocks or banks of earth, plus a little added stability. If you look at the KRX, RZR, and most other sport machines the tires stick out from the body quite a bit and even the cages angle in. On the Teryx I rub the rollcage and body even with the offset wheels, spacers, and customer rock sliders/tree kickers.
  • More articulation.....spent a lot of time rocking sideways and lifting tires where the other machines keep them planted.

Looking at options:
- HCR or LT long travel kits - add 5" to each side and cost $5k+.......
These would be great but price is up there and not sure I really want 5" extra width on both sides

- SuperATV 6" lift kit minus brackets and longer shocks
Probably the most interesting to me right now. Big question is if I could get just the 6" lift kit and install minus the lift brackets with my existing Bandit shocks. Currently trying to find out the length and stroke of the shocks they make specific for this kit (Bandit, 814, Hester Elka all make specifc shocks for this). I'm sure they are longer but don't have any issues maybe modifying brackets to deal with an intermediate length shocks to save money. This would give me at least 3" width on each side and could dial in a little more ground clearance (thinking 3" of lift). Might take a little work but could dial in some custom shock mounting brackets.

- SuperATV +3" long travel kit
Initially this looks really interesting because it's designed to use stock shocks and provides not lift (only offset to allow larger tires), so thinking you could bolt in my current Bandits for some lift and even better travel. Interested in how much extra travel the kit actually provides. However they don't offer a kit that kits the 2015-older models, and at least part of that has to be because of the different rear axle shafts. I did verify with SuperATV that the rear axleshafts between this kit and the 6" lift are different lengths. Even though both advertise +3" width the lift kit axles are almost 2" longer, presumably because if you have it lifted they actually have to be longer to keep the width because of how they angle down. This kit is also a lot more expensive than the 6" lift kit.

- Custom modify existing arms and buy parts
Seriously thought about cutting and extending my current offset arms and building brackets for the shocks, etc.... To be honest that part of it doesn't sound too bad as I have fabricated a lot of stuff in the past. The issues are needing longer axles, tierods, brakelines, etc.... that would have to be sourced. You could get over $1k in those parts alone.
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I’m in the same position, I’ve been researching it a lot, I came really close to pulling the trigger on the Hcr with stock shock setup when it was marked down to 2k a few months ago but I couldn’t decide if the 4 extra inches of width was worth it over the “mid travel” setup.

I really wish there there was actual travel numbers posted some where for each kit. I know the Hcr king combo is ~15” travel front and rear which is impressive, I’d assume the mid travel setups are somewhere between 12-13”.

I don’t need a crazy machine with 20” of travel thats the size of a small sedan, one of the biggest draws of the teryx4 was the smaller size and comfortably seat my whole family. But I also want to be able to cruise around the dunes and choppy trails without rattling my teeth out.
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Does anybody know the length and stroke of the "mid travel" shocks that Hester's, 814, or Bandit market for use with the 6" kit? I've sent several messages but haven't heard back from them. One option I would also consider is doing the SuperATV 6" lift with no brackets and using my existing Bandit shocks for now. I would expect to have to modify the existing brackets, or make my own to optimize the existing shocks......would expect the mid travel shocks to be longer and have more stroke, and probably a higher spring rate.


Kawasaki Teryx Trail Series
I’m currently looking into if stock length shocks and the superatv 6” kit will work if you replace the 6” lift brackets with their 2”lift brackets.

My last piece I need to figure out is a solution for tie rods. I don’t want to use the “Z bar” tie rods and while I can just cut and sleeve the stock rods I’d rather replace them with longer solid rods.
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I’m in the same boat as you with a pre 15 and happy with my shocks but still want the mid travel setup.

If you look at the super atv long travel kits for the 15 and up the bracket for the stock shock looks similar to the 2” lift brackets just pushed out a bit farther and maybe a 1/4-1/2” higher. So with stock length shock with the 2” brackets will work you will just lose a little down travel you would gain with the longer shocks.

The only question I have is when bottoming out, if the stock shocks have a overall shorter collapsed length (which I’m not sure they do, I think the extended travel shocks have are the same collapsed length just a little longer extended length.) will it have to much up travel and cause binding or put a wheel into the fender. If that’s the case I’ll just put in a rubber bump stop before that happens.

I’ve already Ive already ordered the the 2” lift kit. I’m going to pull every measurement I can to verify I’m right before I order the 6” lift kit.

unfortunately work is going to keep me away from this project for a few months but I’ll post updates as I make progress.

If this works you can have a mid travel kit for around 2k total and then always upgrade to longer shocks later.
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I got the 2” lift brackets installed this morning. Everything looks good to go with the 6” arms and axles so I’ll be ordering those soon. I found a local machine shop that will make me the tie rods if I bring them the rod ends. Now I just got to get work to let me be home for more than a day a week.
I'm really interested to see how this turns out.
Some interesting things to note for people who are running extended length shocks and the bracket lift, you are about 1/2 away from axle bind at full extension, so running the steering stops is important.
So extended length shocks and lift bracket put you right at the same spot at full droop. I wanted to pull my springs and check full bump but I ran out of time. It would be interesting the difference in travel between extended length shocks vs lift brackets
do you know of those are rears or fronts?
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