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Looking for measurements on the "mid travel" shocks offered by Bandit, Hester Elka, and 814. These are the ones that are advertised to go with the SuperATV 6" lift kit minus the lift brackets.

Overall extended length?

Does anybody have this setup and could take some measurements? I have sent messages to all of the places and haven't received any response. Posted some questions in the Suspension section but it doesn't get as much traffic.

Currently have Bandit shocks that are longer with more travel than stock (and I'm sure are shorter than the mid travel versions). Really don't want to drop the money on a complete mid travel kit at the moment but was thinking about going with the SuperATV 6" kit and modifying the brackets to retain my current shocks for now. I'm thinking about 3" of lift and would have to do some measuring to get the right distance and angle on these shocks to get as much as possible, but measurements of the mid-travel shocks would get me a starting point and if this would even make sense. I know you really won't be able to get as much travel (you can get more travel at the wheel by angling the shocks but you also get to the point where you don't have enough spring rate or shock valving).
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